L'Arpege by Armir
Enchantress by Escape Ibn Navaronne d
Enchantress Sire and Dam
Alia Dakharo Alia Dakharo


Dakharo x Lady Versace


Congratulations to Mr. Mustafa Isa Almarkhi of Bahrain on the purchase of Ali'a Dakharo!


Click image at left for larger view.

Click HERE for Ali'a's sale announcement.

Lady Versace by Versace




This lovely mare is the dam has provided us with the exquisite ALI'A DAKHARO offered above.

Elle Maya by Stival Elle Maya by Stival

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Enchantress by Escape Ibn Navaronne-d
Enchantress by Escape Ibn Navaronne d

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Enchantress by Escape Ibn Navaronne -d
Escapes Enchantress by Escape Ibn Navaronne -d
Larpege Sire
Empressa and ZT Marwteyn
Empressa by *Dakar El Jamaal



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Marina Arabians Home Page

The name MARINA ARABIANS was chosen not by chance, but by design.  Nestled on the banks of a vast reservoir.  A tranquil setting to watch moonbeams dance like diamonds on the water. A place to wish upon a star. STARGAZERS. To awaken with the songs of birds and gaze at watercolors as the morning sun reflects brilliant images.  IT'S HOME.

It's a place where dreams are by design. Our dreams include breeding splendid Arabian mares to the world's finest stallions. SPLENDID GIFTS. To create masterpieces that stir the soul. Foals with liquid eyes, royal carriage, coats of silk.  Foals that dance. Foals that inspire you. Treasures. Our eight acre farm is an oasis. With  serene vistas. Gently rolling pastures. Southern breezes. A magical place to raise newborns. LIVING ART. We are students of the "Old Masters."  The wise breeders who knowingly select highly desirable qualities from genotype and phenotype.  And we follow the renaissance of contemporary bloodlines.  We then follow our hearts' desire.   To create a select "reservoir" of  exceptional foals for clients Internationally. Our small band of mares includes those by World Champions Marajj, Dakharo, also International winner, Dakar El Jamaal. In the making, a future star. A 2010 foal by the exceptional imported WH Justice son, Rough Justice. Our desire is to share the joy of these magnificent creatures with others FOR YOU . Marina Arabians, LLC  cordially invites you to be a part of this exciting journey. WELCOME!

Photos Right: As our farm name implies, we enjoy water sports at the nearby marina!

Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians Sales
Marsha Thompson
Ed and Marsha
Ed and Marsha Thompson with Marsha's son Matthew Pollock and a friend visiting from Bahamas last Christmas. Photos of TJ and Lisa coming soon!
Marina Arabians


Special thanks to the photographers who allowed use of their work for this site:
Suzanne Sturgill, Nancy Pierce and Javan.

Arabian Fancy halter for Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians Footer
Marina Arabians Contact Information

Owners: Dr. and Mrs. F.E. Thompson

Ridgeland, MS

MARSHA: marsha_thompson@comcast.net; 601 - 573-2994


We look forward to talking with you! 

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Marian Arabians Breeding 2009
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Rough Justice X Aysia
Rough Justice x Aysia
Marina Arabians


We have commissioned a beautiful halter for MAJJESTA made by Gina Dupree of ARABIAN FANCY. Please visit our site again soon to see it! We LOVE fancy halters - see for yourself - Gina's site is www.ArabianFancy.com.

Thank you for your interest in MARINA ARABIANS. Please visit us again soon.

Proudly we introduce our latest treasure, ELLE MAYA MAS by international champion STIVAL

Sold to Kuwait. We congratulate and wish the new owners much success with this World Class mare.

Click on image above for more photos and information!

Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians
Marina Arabians